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ad n : a public promotion of some product or service [syn: advertisement, advertizement, advertising, advertizing, advert] adv : in the Christian era; used before dates after the supposed year Christ was born; "in AD 200" [syn: A.D., anno Domini]A.D. adv : in the Christian era; used before dates after the supposed year Christ was born; "in AD 200" [syn: AD, anno Domini]

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  • /æd/
  • Rhymes with: -æd

Etymology 1

From a shortening of the word advertisement.


  1. Short form of advertisement.
    I have placed both of the ads in the newspaper as instructed.
Derived terms
short form of advert

Etymology 2

From a shortening of the word advantage.


  1. advantage

Etymology 3

From ad "to, on"


  1. To; on.





From the same root *amta as Finnish antaa and Estonian and.


  1. give




  1. to, at, in (used before a vowel for euphony instead of a)



Cognates include English at.


(+ )
  1. In the context of "direction": toward, to, up to
    denoting a vertical direction:
    • Lucretius, from the fourth book of De Rerum Natura
      Fugere ad puppim colles campique videntur.
      The hills and fields appear to fly toward the ship.
    • Pliny the Elder, from book II of Naturalis Historia
      Meridie umbrae cadunt ad septentrionem, ortu vero ad occasum.
      At noon the shadows fall towards the north, [and] at sunrise, point to the west.
    in a direction upwards, frequent in works of poets:

Related terms

  • ad- (same word modified and used as a prefix)

Usage notes

  • The word ad is an antithesis to ab (just as in is to ex, in a progressive order of relation, ad denotes, first, the direction toward an object; then the reaching of or attaining to it; and finally, the being at or near it.
  • Often used of geographical position of a place in reference to the points of compass, with the verbs iaceo, vergo, specto etc.:
    Asia iacet ad meridiem et austrum, Europa ad septentriones et aquilonem.
    Asia lies near midday and south, Europe near north and north. (two words for north)
    Ad Atticam vergente.
    Inclining to Attic.



  1. story





  1. for, in order to, to

Extensive Definition

AD and Ad may refer to:
  • Anno Domini, Latin for "In the Year of (Our) Lord", applied to years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars following 1 BC. Religion-oriented alternative to CE, or Common Era
  • Advertisement, the promotion of an item, service, company, and/or idea

Media and culture

Politics and history


  • Air defence, anti-aircraft weaponry and systems
  • Accidental discharge, the mistaken firing of a firearm
  • Active duty, a status of full duty or service, usually referencing full service in the armed forces
  • Destroyer Tender (US Navy Hull Classification: AD), support ships to aid the operation of a fleet of destroyers
  • The Air Department, part of the British Admiralty

Science and technology




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